XERO-The Accounting Tool for the 2017 Digital Business

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Let's be clear, I never knew that it was possible to fall in love with something as mundane as an accounting process. But, XERO has me eating my words. I love it! But, let's talk about my previous accounting experiences as a new business owner.

Uggh, so painful. 

Yep, accounting for the past couple of years has been painful. I'm on a cash budget which I love, but managing business finances is a bit different from managing my personal finances in that I am constantly trying to keep track of expenses that I have the potential to be taxed or tax-deductible sometime during the year. 

I'm holding onto receipts like a hoarder and I'm finding the business of managing my businesses' finances really stressful. I'm running Google Spreadsheets, going through my checking account, and just constantly trying to keep track of "all the things" that run my business. It's so stressful. 


The accounting system with the 21st Century entrepreneur in mind. I'm in love. Seriously. I love that it's so responsive to my needs and eliminates all of the annoying parts of managing my business finances. Let's talk about the awesomeness that is XERO. And, you can try it out for free!

  • Go Mobile-it has an app for both android and IOS and Apple


  • Invoicing capability


  • Integrate different apps that you use within your business. Think time management, payment systems, CRM, and more. In fact, I think this is my favorite feature. 


  • Integrate point of sale information.


  • Manage your payroll as your team grows.


One of the most important functions that an entrepreneur has to get a handle on immediately is cash flow management. Without a good system for managing incoming income and outgoing expenses and taxes, the would-be entrepreneur may find their business dead in the water financially. Arm yourself with the tool that will help you manage your business finances like a badass.

XERO. Damn, this software could even be called sexy. This is definitely the tool for digital (and non-digital entrepreneurs) working in 2017. Sign up HERE to start your free month of WOW!