The Relaunch of The D.O.N.E Society Podcast: D.O.N.E.

Last year I launched a podcast. At the same time, I made a professional pivot and changed from offering business to business assistance to strategy and logistics coaching while growing my online brands. 

It has not been easy.

As I worked on these different projects like most first time entrepreneurs shit kept happening. My podcast feed would break down and cool episodes that I wanted to share with you would never arrive in iTunes. I spent a ton of time troubleshooting technical issues and in the process got mentally worn down. 

I started my wonderful closed Facebook Group and slowly began growing my community. And, while there were moments where things were going well. I had to acknowledge that the continued tech issues were just wearing me down. So, I took a break. 

It was longer than I expected but I'm glad that I gave myself the space to reenergize, reimagine, and reconfigure my podcast so that I could enjoy it again. In fact, everything has been happening a lot more slowly than I would like-but I think that is the Universe's way of weeding people out because fighting for your dream is hard. 


I'm D.O.N.E. with my break and I'm excited to share cool people, resources, and tools moving forward. If you have podcast topics you would like me to work on, cool people you would like me to connect with, or feedback, please email me at: