Action Beats Perfection 100% of the Time

It is very interesting being a part of the digital entrepreneurship space. There are moments when it seems like there are so many people doing the same thing. The thing is I'm convinced that there are fewer people than we think operating in our space. It feels like everyone is a coach, or an infopreneur. The reality is there are a ton of people wearing the label, but a lot fewer people actually doing the work.

How did I decide this?

I've spent a lot of time recently in Facebook groups, talking to other entrepreneurs, and observing what people actually do and I've come to the following conclusion. Not as many people as you think are focused on the following:

  • Building momentum-I dealt with this issue as well. Momentum builds in a business as you apply focus and energy towards: list building, creating visibility, making connections, and applying the new skills that you learn.
  • Making mistakes-How can you learn if you don't make mistakes? How do you make adjustments, change your process, or experience frustration if you don't make mistakes?
  • Putting themselves "out" there-I've noticed that so many people will delay launching a product ( getting on "visible" social media, making products and OWNING what they've made. 

I've lost track of the number of people who have told me that they are waiting. Waiting to start their blog because they need to perfect the idea. Waiting to schedule their photo shoot because they haven't lost enough weight, or are concerned because their efforts don't look as good as they want them to. 

These are all just stalling tactics. 

The people who are: taking risks, putting themselves out there, making products and selling them are the ones who will always be a step in front of you. Stop planning for that perfect moment. The perfect moment is the moment you conceive of this idea to be your own boss. It is a long process from the moment you conceive the idea to the moment when you leap. 

The person who starts is 100 steps ahead of the person who doesn't start-100% of the time. 

Whatever you've been stalling on-get started on it now. 

Dream big, work hard,