2016-The Year that Wasn't

I spend some time reflecting honestly on what did (or didn't) work in 2016 as an online entrepreneur.

Lessons Learned:

  • I realized that I wasn't really an online entrepreneur until about September/October. I realized that I just didn't understand what I could offer in terms of products and services online.
  • Consistency-I was incredibly inconsistent. This was a HUGE problem. If there is a take away from my previous year that everyone should learn is this: SHOW UP and be 100% in. 
  • Mission and people before profit. I spoke with Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche recently and she was so clear about this being the #1 part of her community's unbelievable growth. **I will share a 3 part podcast series with Tiffany starting on Thursday. Anyone looking to serve others should listen to these episodes. As a result of this conversation I am rethinking everything that I've been doing.
  • It's good that I dropped the ball in the beginning...as long as I remember the lessons that I learned from dropping the ball. 

The Future:

I have some really big ideas for the future and the future of D.O.N.E. My mantra/phrase or focus is the following "How you do anything...is how you do everything." 

I'm truly focused on the idea that how I'm doing on thing is problem how I'm doing everything so I'm trying to:

  • Be true to my word. I don't promise anything that I cannot follow through on.
  • Being consistent!
  • Making sure that I am always working proactively vs. reactively